Certified Identity Kit

UTS Visual Communications Honours Project 

The Institute of Certified Identification was created after the 2035 technological identity crisis. The careless diffusion of physical and technological data left behind by civilians had allowed easier methods of identity fraud. The overflow of data had allowed hackers to take advantage of traces of DNA on disposable waste and personal details left online, to forge alternative identities. In 2048, the Authentic Identity Program was implemented by the government as a compulsory identity protection program, ensuring secure protection, archiving and resetting of all citizens’ identities.

The Certified Identity Kit (CIK) is personally delivered by a local Authorised Officiator, and is picked up after three days of receiving. Made with unique printing processes and current anti-theft technologies, the CIK is the most trustworthy identification kit to date. The CIK is completed in 6 steps using reliable identification techniques such as fingerprinting, blood typing, camera imaging, handwriting, DNA testing and dental impressions. Once completed, the CIK is sent to the institute’s secure laboratories for analysis and archiving.

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